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Click for larger image YogAlign Tune-Up Beginner Level DVD
Price: US $24.95
YogAlign Tune-Up Beginner Level will help you be aligned and pain-free. This video is suitable for all ages and fitness levels using the breathing exercises, poses and movements unique to the YogAlign method.
Click for larger image YogAlign Tune-Up Intermediate Level DVD
Price: US $24.95
Intermediate Level YogAlign Tune-Up is for fit people seeking postural shifts to alleviate pain and increase athletic performance. YogAlign methods are based on neuromuscular re-patterning and involve focused deep breathing combined with functional body positions and movements. Balancing the tensional forces of flexion, extension, and expansion, YogAlign is a global approach to posture alignment where all systems of the body are benefited and the result is bio- sustainability.
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