Order any Quantity CD/DVD/USB at Wholesale Prices

Wholesale Ordering and Fulfillment

Create a free TrepStar project. We'll help you configure it.

Submit wholesale orders in any quantity, even as low as one. We usually are able to ship product the next day.

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On Demand Manufacturing

When your customer purchases from your shopping cart system, TrepStar will manufacture and ship your product in quantities as low as one at a time!

Order product in any quantity at low duplication prices.

Bulk Duplication or Single Quantity Fulfillment

Shipped Next Business Day

Many publishers use our service to send individual products to individual customers when orders arrive.

Use the Order Form to Select Products & Quantity

Wholesale Order Form

After you create your TrepStar project(s) you'll be able to submit an order. We call it wholesale because we are charging you directly, at the lowest price possible.

If you have lots of individual customers, use spreadsheet ordering, or automate ordering.

Wholesale Order Form

Preview Order

You may preview the order to get pricing before you order.

If you plan to submit single quantity orders to individual customers, this is helpful to understand the pricing differences for different shipping methods.

Preview Order Summary for Exact Pricing before you submit the order.