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Your Digital Content
You have the digital CD/DVD/USB data and artwork files.

We help you publish your content on custom CD/DVD or USB flash drives. TrepStar Manufactures your custom music CD, Video DVD, or USB products on demand. It's shipped to you, or your customer, in any quantity, at any time. This is called "Short Run" duplication and copy.

TrepStar Manufactures On Demand
TrepStar produces, prints, packages, and ships your custom made CD/DVD or USBs.

You may order as little as a single quantity to individual customers, or copy and duplicate in bulk. Either way, our prices are low regardless if you order just one, or choose bulk wholesale copy and duplication.

FREE Setup
Zero inventory or up front costs.

We only make product when you order. You pay only for what you need.

Offering physical media connects you to your fans and customers like no stream or digital download can. Create something meaningful and memorable that can last forever.

Order now by starting your custom CD/DVD or USB project.
  1. If you start now, your CD, DVD, or USB product could be configured and ready to order in 15 to 20 minutes.
  2. TrepStar provides a free and easy project management system. Change or create new projects any time so you can self publish your CD/DVD/USB.
  3. Sign up, configure your product, and order Today.
  4. You only pay when you decide to order. We store your projects in the cloud until you're ready to order once, or many times.
  5. Support is available to help you set up and configure your project.

CD/DVD/USB Fulfillment on Demand.

  • You've created the content for your CD or DVD or USB.

  • You want a single copy of your CD/DVD/USB manufactured and shipped to an individual customer at a low price.

  • OR, you need dozens or hundreds of copies duplicated right away and shipped to any location.

Fast Turnaround

  • Our easy to use project management system gives you full control.

  • Create your free project now and finish set up today.

  • Order and we'll ship the next day.
TrepStar will manufacture and ship your CD/DVD/USB whenever you submit orders manually or through order automation.

CD/DVD/USB on demand Fulfillment

No Risk

  • No contracts to sign.

  • No minimum quantity.

  • Retail Quality.

  • Low Price.

  • Order just what you need, when you need it.
Our mission is to provide the highest quality service at the lowest price for any quantity ordered.

#1 Project Setup:

Once your CD, DVD, or USB fulfillment project is configured, our automated system insures your price and our costs are kept low whether you need dozens or hundreds of units at once, or a single quantity sent to an individual customer.

#2 Product Order:

  1. We start manufacturing your CD/DVD/USB products on demand at order time.
  2. Your single, or multi disc CD/DVD/USB product is then packaged, in any quantity, and shipped the next day.
  3. Order submission may be automated.
  4. If you ship to individual customers, they receive tracking info, and may even edit the shipping address!
Our prices remain low even for single quantity orders whether your customer orders from your website using your shopping cart, or the TrepStar cart.

TrepStar offers CD/DVD or USB Duplication and Single Quantity Fulfillment

Custom USB thumb drive prices and packaging no minimum order