Pick the type of disc you're setting up

Audio CD

Your disc contains audio files only, is 74 minutes or less in total play time, and you want it playable in any cd player. If you have lots of mp3 files that have a longer play time, choose Data CD.

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Data CD

You have about 702 or less MB of files you want burned to a CD. This can include mp3, exe, pdf, or any other types of files. If your data is larger than this, choose the DVD option.

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You have video files for a video DVD, or you have data files for a data DVD. Regardless of which, choose this DVD option. A Data DVD is similar to a Data CD, just with a larger capacity.

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Or, let us help you with project setup

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TrepStar CD and DVD Media

  1. TrepStar burns to CD-R and single layer DVD-R (DVD5) blank discs. We do not offer dual layer DVD, or blu ray.
  2. See the capacity of different types of discs and USB.
  3. We use only Professional Grade Glossy CMC Pro (Powered by TY) blank discs. We print in full color and the finish is glossy and the best on the market.
  4. We do not burn to dual layer DVD (DVD9) or Blu-Ray
  5. We can not burn your copy protected discs (or the copy protection would not be very good would it).
  6. We do not add copy protection to your discs.