Upload your disc data file to TrepStar Public FTP folder:

TrepStar FTP

UPLOAD ONLY .ISO .ZIP OR .RAR FILES: Any folders, images, or files of any other kind are deleted daily.

  1. TrepStar provides, a free, temporary public FTP Upload folder for your large Data Files (such as a dvd .zip, .rar, or .iso file).
  2. Any other smaller file needs to be uploaded to the TrepStar project DIRECTLY. Edit your project and use the green upload arrows.

FTP is more stable for large file uploads. Upload your large (over 700MB) .zip or .iso file to our public ftp folder, then update your TrepStar project to specify the url to this file. Once we approve the project, you order a copy. This has the effect of moving your file from the ftp site to our permanent storage. We only keep data files for active projects (projects where you have submitted orders).

We provide this service because the standard upload button is not stable for files larger than about 700MB. The upload buttons (from within your project edit area are mainly for artwork, or cd size files). If you have DVD data files, they are probably larger than 700MB. You may also create a FREE cloud storage account from Amazon Simple Storage Service (s3).

If you scroll down, these steps are shown in more detail. The steps to upload your large file (.zip, .iso, .rar) to the FREE TrepStar FTP server are:
  1. Your small artwork .jpg files should be uploaded directly to the TrepStar project (the green upload button).
  2. Open or install your FTP Client software. If you do not have any, we recommend the free FileZilla FTP Client
  3. Set up a login to the TrepStar FTP server. We allow you to create files, but not delete or rename them.
  4. Enter the username and password we provide and connect.
  5. Use ONLY alphanumeric file names (letter and numbers only). The TrepStar project rejects any file names with non alpha numeric characters. Once uploaded, it's not possible to rename your file so START OUT with a proper file name or it will be a waste of time.
  6. Once finished, go back to your TrepStar project and specify the URL to the file you uploaded here. You will not using the file upload feature (the green upload button), but instead, will be typing in The URL to your file that you uploaded to the TrepStar FTP server. The URL to your file will end up looking like http://www.TrepStar.com/TrepStarFTP/YourFileName.iso (or .zip, .rar, .exe)
  7. Once your project is approved, order it right away. We will then make your DVD by downloading it from the TrepStar public FTP folder, and store that data locally since we delete all ftp uploaded files within a few weeks.
  8. We delete all uploaded files within a few weeks. This is why you need to finish your project, and order a copy so we download the project and store it locally on our disc image servers. During our process, we download your file so it does not need to be permanently stored online.
  9. Once your product was ordered, and everything burned and printed ok, it's marked burn test approved. This means it's OK if the file you uploaded to TrepStar is deleted by us. It does not matter if you remove the file from your server, or if we remove it from the TrepStar public FTP server. By then, it's already stored locally on our burn servers for permanent storage (for the life of your project).

Open your FTP client, or download FileZilla

Go to the FileZilla site to download the software. Once downloaded, install it on your computer.

If you have a Mac, there is a Mac FileZilla version as well!

Create a new connection within your FTP program

Enter the new site information such as host, username, and password. The following are instructions for FileZilla, but other FTP programs require similar information:
  1. Open the software and choose 'File - Site Manager' to create a new ftp site profile.
  2. Click the 'New Site' button. Name it TrepStar
  3. Set the logon type to normal which allows you to enter a user: and Password:
  4. The Host is upload.TrepStar.com
  5. Username and Password ARE CaSe SeNsItIvE
  6. The username is public
  7. The password is A2hj9Ut6
  8. We will change this login information every few weeks so come to this page for the latest login information.
  9. You can then click OK or Connect
  10. You should see the TrepStarFTP folder. If not, read the error message, It's likely that you did not enter the correct host, user, or password information.
  11. Double click on the TrepStarFTP folder to open it. You will see a list of files that other users have uploaded. Don't worry about those names. This is a public folder and old files are cleared out every few weeks. Just come up with a unique name for your file.
  12. Use ONLY alphanumeric file names (letter and numbers only). The TrepStar project rejects any file names with non alpha numeric characters.
  13. From this point, choose the file on your computer (.zip, .rar, or .iso file), write down the name of your file, and upload it to the TrepStarftp folder. Keep the following in mind since you can not change the name of your file once you start uploading it:
    1. BEFORE YOU UPLOAD, name or rename your files so the file name contains only letters, numbers, dashes - or underscore _ characters. Once uploaded it's not possible to rename your file so don't waste hours uploading a file that can't be used! Do NOT include more than one . (period) in the file name such as "my-file.jpg.zip". This is an illegal file name. Examples: Good "My-File-Name01.iso" or "MyProjectDisc1.zip" Bad "My$file%^name.zip" Bad "My-File.jpg.zip"
    2. This folder is for .iso, .zip, .rar, .gi, or .exe files only. All other types of files and folders are deleted daily.
    3. Do not upload folders containing files or small files (< 500MB) Any folders or small files will be deleted immediately. Edit your project and use the green upload button. Your .jpg artwork is loaded directly to the TrepStar project this way as well.
    4. If your project contains many files, zip that up and upload it here (or directly to your project if < 700MB) as a SINGLE zip file.
    5. This public folder is for files that can not be directly uploaded to the TrepStar project.
    6. The TrepStar project allows direct uploads of files as large as 700MB (green upload button).
    7. Therefore, any files smaller than 500MB or any folders with files will be deleted from this public FTP folder ON A DAILY BASIS.
  14. For small artwork or documentation files, upload those directly to the TrepStar project with the green upload button (e.g. .jpg artwork files).

Find the File on your computer and start the upload

Upload may take several hours

Add the URL to your TrepStar Project

  1. Write down the name of the file you uploaded (such as mydvdabc.iso)
  2. Login to your TrepStar account.
  3. Edit your project and enter the URL to this uploaded file.
  4. The url will always be http://www.TrepStar.com/TrepStarFTP/ + your file name. In this example, it would be http://www.TrepStar.com/TrepStarFTP/mydvdabc.iso
  5. Save your project.
  6. We check the projec queue several times per day so your project will be activated usually within a few hours.
  7. Once approved, order a copy right away (within a day or two) which causes us to download this file for permanent storage. Make sure the upload of your file is complete before you order a copy so we do not start to download a partial file or this will cause delays (perhaps several days).
  8. We clear out files that are over 2 weeks old so you need to order a copy within a day or two of when your project is approved. If you wait for several weeks, the file you uploaded may have already been deleted and you'll have to upload your file again. Once the product is made, it no longer needs to be available online (the file you uploaded) because we would have already downloaded it to our more permanent, local burn server storage.
  9. If someone else is using your file name, use a different name. No one can delete or modify your file.
  10. There is no reason anyone would want to download your file (especially if your file name does not describe your product). If you are worried about other TrepStar publishers looking at your intellectual property, you will have to use a more secure file server area such as Amazon S3. We delete files that are between 2 an 4 weeks old, so your file will be gone from public view in a short time.
  11. The only people that know about this FTP location are TrepStar publishers. This page is not linked to from anywhere accept from pages known only to publishers that have logged into the TrepStar publisher login area (your list of projects).