On Demand Fulfillment for Custom Memory Stick USBs

"One At a Time" Fulfillment Orders for USB Memory Sticks.

When selling digital media products, it’s common to use CDs and DVDs, however, USB memory sticks offer the ability to be played on more devices than discs. By offering your customers the option to purchase custom USB memory sticks, they will have the ability to easily store and carry with them wherever they go.

Having an object that is tangible and easy to transport makes USB memory sticks more desirable than digital downloading from the cloud. In a world where customers are sent links to all digital media, having a physical CD/DVD/USB is something that users will perceive as having added value.

A physical USB memory stick is also the perfect way to promote yourself with the addition of your branding/logo! For a personalized USB memory stick, we offer one at a time fulfillment orders.

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Add Custom USB Memory Sticks to your CD/DVD Offerings.

Our memory stick USB products are high quality and reliable. Our service offerings are more than just giving you physical CD/DVD/USB products. All data is copied, then verified. This results in digital media for your customers that looks high-grade and works how it should.

A benefit to shipping USB memory sticks to customers compared to other discs is that USB sticks are much smaller in size (and lighter) which results in a lower cost to ship. Packaging for USB sticks includes our 1oz mailer, saving you money in shipping costs.

Personalize your custom USB memory stick by adding a custom logo to the USB. There is also an option to include 2 panel artwork to the outside of the package so your customers experience brand recognition from the moment they receive their branded USB stick. We also offer DVD Case style USB packaging.

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TrepStar on demand USB memory stick fulfillment prices are low even for single quantity orders to individual customers.

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While we are known at TrepStar for stellar CD/DVD on demand fulfillment services, we also offer top quality USB memory stick fulfillment on demand. This option is perfect for anyone who wants to sell digital media to customers in a way that is versatile and functional with many different computers and devices. CD and DVD drives are offered less and less with newer computers; however, USBs are still compatible with many modern computers and smart devices. TrepStar’s USB memory stick on demand fulfillment services solve many problems while still allowing your customers to have a physical copy of your digital media.

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