USB Flash Drive On Demand Fulfillment Services

USB Fulfillment one at a time!

If you are selling training products, software, or other digital media, then you are probably using digital download distribution and possibly CD/DVD products. Add a USB Flash drive product and offer to your customer.

Digital downloading from the cloud is great, and less costly than CD/DVD/USB products to manufacture and ship, however, digital download has its shortcomings. Customers will pay extra for a physical product since they perceive it as added value.

Some customers simply will not pay for a download only product. Physical product gives you brand placement, and gives your customers peace of mind.

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Add Custom USBs to your CD/DVD Offerings.

We use only the best quality Tier 1 USB drives. We don't use cheap marketing give away chips. There is a difference. We copy your data, then verify the copy.

Shipping options include our 1oz mailer. Because USB drives are small and light, we can mail them at the very low cost letter rate. This means you save several dollars in shipping costs.

Our Custom USB Flash drives include your logo artwork. Our packaging options include 2 Panel artwork so you can customize your packaging further.

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TrepStar on demand USB fulfillment prices are low even for single quantity orders.

Physical Products Increase Sales

TrepStar's back up disc CD/DVD on demand fulfillment service has been an ideal solution for many of our publishers who want to sell a physical product. However, since less and less computers have CD or DVD drives, the TrepStar on demand USB Flash "just in time" fulfillment service provides a channel to sell a physical product to your customers that are hesitant to pay for just an electronic download.

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