USB Flash Drive on Demand Fulfillment Services

On Demand USB Fulfillment

TrepStar is the only custom USB Fulfillment company that is designed so we can offer a minimum order quantity of just one single unit. We manufacture and ship your custom USB thumb drive in 24 hours. We've designed our system so our price is low regardless if you order just one, or dozens at a time.

Order only when your customer orders. Order one, or as many as you like, shipped to any address and manufactured within 1 day! Regardless of the quantity you order, our prices will be lower than ANY of the competition, and single quantity orders to individual customers for around $10 total including all shipping & handling as well as a nice package with artwork.

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Manufactured At Order Time

Instead of waiting weeks for setup, and paying $500 or more at a time ($10-$13 per unit without packaging) for 50 or 100 copies of your USB drive, simply order just a single quantity USB thumb drive and we'll manufacture and have your shipment in the mail in 24 hours for around $10 for a single unit including artwork and packaging!

With the TrepStar on demand custom USB fulfillment service, we don't require a minimum quantity of 25 or more units. Order just one at a time shipped directly to your customer and we manufacture it on demand. This is called "one off" or "just in time" fulfillment.

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TrepStar on demand USB fulfillment prices are low even for single quantity orders.

Offer a Physical Product

Most new computers no longer come with CD/DVD drives. USB Flash Drives are a great way to offer your customer a physical product other than a CD/DVD. Soon, USB Thumb Drives may be the only way. USB ports on computers and smart devices will be around for decades. It's true that digital downloads and cloud based products will continue to become more popular, but many people are hesitant to purchase or pay a lot for a product that lives only in the "cloud." Give them something to hold for less than $10.00 extra and you'll increase sales. Physical products like CDs DVDs and USB thumb drives add value, so you can charge more for your product. Many customers are more than willing to pay $10 extra to have a physical product shipped to them., an A1Tech, Inc. company, was founded in 2002. The company was established to produce and ship CD and DVD products for our publishers. We now offer USB Thumb/Flash Drive Fulfillment.

Custom USB Flash Drive Fulfillment Services