Product Activation Service:

  1. See our fees which are listed as a link at the bottom of the home page, and easily found by our site search feature using the term "fees".
  2. Order at least one copy every 300 days to prevent auto-deletion, or use this Product Activation Service instead.
  3. Instead of ordering a product every 300 days, you may instead choose to pay only $2.00 for Product Activation Service to prevent project deletion.

TrepStar Dashboard Account Login Warning Messages:

Warning Email and Account Dashboard messages:

  1. If products are at risk of deletion, you will start to see warnings in the TrepStar dashboard account login area.
  2. In addition, you will also receive an email about once per week warning you of products at risk. Please be sure to monitor the email you use to login to TrepStar.
  3. If you do not see warnings, your product is not at risk of deletion.
  4. Since we don't charge monthly subscription fees, be sure to actively monitor your account. Login every so often if you wish to keep your products active.
  5. If you see warnings, click on any of them and you will see a list of your products that are at risk of product deletion.

Product Activation Service Preview:

Preview Products at Risk:

  1. If you click on any of the warning message links shown above, you will see a summary.
  2. You can choose which products to keep active.
  3. When finished, you will be billed for the products you wish to keep.

View Product Activation Status at any Time:

All Reports
  1. To see the status of each of your products, choose the 'All Reports' button within your TrepStar account area dashboard.

Project Activation Report
  1. There are several useful reports in this section but choose "Project Activation Report" to see a list of each of your products and how many days it will be until any of them are at risk of product deletion.
  2. This report is a little different than if you have active warnings because it lists all of your products instead of just the ones at risk of product deletion.
  3. This helps you estimate when you next need to worry about ordering product or using this service.