Add an Extra Printed Document

Printed Document

Include an extra printed document with your order.

We print your 8.5 x 11 document in full color on glossy paper.

It is folded, and included with the package.

MS Word or PDF

We accept .DOC or .PDF files.

Due to print cost and weight, limit the size of your document to no more than 10 pages.

Add Extra Document.

Configure Your Product

While configuring your project, scroll down to the optional full color printed document section and click the green upload arrow to upload your .doc or .pdf file.

Upload Document to Project

Configure your project and scroll down to the section 'Additional Printed Doc'... Upload the .doc or .pdf file to the project. If you have a .docx file, convert it to a .doc file from within Word to remain compatible with our system. To convert it, choose Save-As (from Word) and pick the .doc option (Word 97-2003 document) from the file-type drop-down menu.

  1. Documents are useful for additional marketing material and instructions.
  2. Documents are printed double sided (2 of your document pages will be on a single sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper printed on both sides). We print on both sides of the paper to lower the package weight which reduces shipping and print costs. If you want single sided printing, put a page break between pages. Empty pages still count as a page and there is a 10 page limit (i.e. you could have a 10 page document with 5 pages of content and 5 empty pages).
  3. We do not normally print more than 10 pages (5 sheets of paper). Contact us if you have a specific request for a larger document (we charge 25c per extra page).
  4. We do not staple.
  5. We do not offer any other type of printed material (no books, pamphlets, binders etc.)
  6. The document is folded and placed in the mailer OUTSIDE of the shrink-wrapped CD or DVD case (or sleeve/ecopack packaging).
  7. We print to high quality glossy presentation paper using full color professional digital printers.
  8. There is an extra charge for this option. To see pricing, upload a document, then click the 'Price Summary' Button at the bottom of the left column. It's about $1.00 extra for 1 to 6 pages, and about $1.70 for 7-10 pages. This just barely covers our print and labor costs.
  9. OPTIONAL: Want the document INSIDE the DVD CASE?
    1. We can only fit the document inside an Amaray style DVD/USB case, so your product options must be set to the Amaray style case. Amaray style cases are available for CD/DVD and USB products.
    2. For each page in your document, insert the text -------------- CUT HERE --------------- at or near the bottom of EACH page. This will tell us to trim your document so it will fit inside the Amaray size case.
    3. We will cut off the "CUT HERE" markings and trim the bottom margin. This document will then be folded, and inserted it inside the DVD size Amaray case. Make your document, print it out and measure it. The dvd case is just over 7" tall so we need to cut off about 4" of each page. We will only cut off the bottom margin so if you have a 1" top margin, that means you have about 6" of usable area below that. Don't worry about the left/right margins because that paper will be folded. It's the height you need to be concerned with.
    4. Standard 8.5" x 11" sized paper is too large to fit inside a DVD sized Amaray Case unless it's trimmed.