Blank Media

Highest Quality Blank DVD-R Discs

  • We use only the highest quality DVD-R blank media to be compatible with most DVD players.
  • DVD-R is compatible with approximately 99% of all DVD players. This means 1 of 100 people may complain the DVD "won't play". Make sure you inform your customer during the order process that they need a DVD player that can read DVD-R format and to have them check their owner's manual.
  • We do not use DVD+R because it is not as widely used (less compatible) as DVD-R
  • We use ONLY single layer DVD-5 (4.7GB) blank DVDs - If you have a DVD that's over 4.7GB in size, it's what's called a "Dual Layer" DVD. Click Here for Instructions
  • If a customer has trouble playing one of your DVDs, have them look for compatibility by clicking here.
  • Here is more detailed information on DVD formats in a great article from