Custom CD, DVD, USB Package and Product Examples:

Video showing various cd/dvd artwork, packaging, and shipping options. 7:30 min.Click this video button to see pictures of TrepStar products, as well as packaging and shipping options. Topics include: 1oz mailer, CD or DVD case for single disc product. Multi Disc sets. Quality of TrepStar materials.

Scroll down to see some personalized disc and usb packaging examples:

  1. Custom printed DVD Case Example from outside of case

    Outside of DVD case

  2. Optional Inside printed card insert for personalized DVD Case

    inside DVD case with optional printed insert card.

  3. Printed DVD Case Example from outside of case

    Click the options button in your account to change settings

  4. Custom Made CD Case Example. The case is open and shown face down.

    Outside of cd case

  5. Custom CD Case Example. Personalized CD case is open showing the inside.

    inside of cd case

  6. EcoPack Example (can contain a Disc or USB). CD/USB Artwork is folded around the inserted custom USB or Disc. This is placed in a clear, resealable sleeve. One advantage of this custom disc/usb package is that you pay for a low letter rate since this is lightweight and flexible. This is a few dollars less than the 4oz parcel rate for customized CD, DVD, or USB case products.

    front of EcoPack
    Back of EcoPack

    front of EcoPack
    Back of EcoPack

  7. USB case artwork Examples. We print your logo on a clear label and apply to the white USB memory stick (same image on both sides of USB). We use clear labels so we can print just one at a time for single quantity orders sent to your individual customers. The custom printed USB products are manufactured and fulfilled on demand after the order is placed. Most other USB fulfillment services require minimum orders of 25 or 50 shipped to a single address (or if you can order a low quantity, it costs much more than we charge). We have no minimum requirement for USB fulfillment because we can print as few as one at a time when printing custom USB sticks (since we use clear labels).

    USB with custom LOGO

  8. Custom DVD Case Style USB Packaging. Package your custom USB memory stick in our premium glossy DVD style case. We use medium tack "glue dots" to affix the USB to flat panel of the personalized DVD case. The custom made USB can easily be removed without any damage to the USB. Customers like storing their CD and DVD media using the same size cases so our DVD Case size packaging is our most popular.

    DVD Case Style packaging for USB stick

  9. A few more examples of custom disc printing on our professional glossy discs featuring custom disc artwork.

    CD DVD Printing Glossy

  10. A few more examples of customized CD, DVD, and USB packaging that can be used for custom printed CD, DVD, or USB products.

     CD, DVD, and USB  packaging

  11. You may choose to send your single custom CD, DVD, or USB inside an envelope or bubble mailer using first class mail.
  12. The advantage of this most economical package, is that you pay for the letter rate which is much less than the 4oz parcel rate for CD, DVD, or USB case products (about $2 dollars less in postage).
  13. You can choose priority mail shipping options as well.
  14. You can click the options button within your account to change to packaging CD or DVD cases.
  15. We use the envelope for our standard (lowest) pricing. This keeps the weight just below 1 oz.
  16. We've found that about 1 in 400 CD/DVDs become damaged during shipping when using the 1oz mailer.
  17. If you prefer, we can always send the personalized disc or usb in a bubble mailer and you can choose a CD or DVD style case. There is almost zero breakage when shipping this way. (details below)

    These mailers are thin and light and rarely are broken by the post office

  18. Inside the first class mailer envelope we include the custom printed CD/DVD inside a sleeve. This protects the disc from scratching.
  19. We use a clear sleeve for the custom printed USB.
  20. We print full color directly to the disc surface on the highest quality Professional Grade Glossy blank media for all disc artwork (best in the industry).
  21. We use glossy discs for all CD/DVD printing. They have the most professional look. The the colors are bright and vibrant on these custom discs.
  22. For custom USB products, we print to a clear label and apply that to the USB. This enables us to print as few as one unit at a time (low price for a single quantity order).

    The white sleeve gives the user something to store the CD/DVD

  23. Single Quantity Order shipped in bubble mailer or envelopes depending on your product options.
  24. If you order more than one, your products will be shipped in an appropriate sized box.

    package examples

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