Folded 2 Panel Artwork for CD case and EcoPack packaging:

CD Case CD/DVD 2 Panel Folded

  1. The TrepStar CD Case packaging uses a two panel artwork image (as well as a back tray image).
  2. This two panel template is the same for the CD case or the EcoPack packaging.
  3. The 2 Panel image is printed on one side only, folded, and placed in the front clear CD case.

EcoPack Packaging for USB or CD/DVD

  1. This section is listed here because the same 2 panel art template is used for our EcoPack packaging.
  2. The TrepStar "EcoPack" utilizes the two panel artwork.
  3. The CD/DVD or USB is placed inside the folded artwork.
  4. That is placed in a clear resealable sleeve.
  5. The customer can see the artwork on both sides.
  6. The customer can open the top flap and slide out the CD/DVD or USB.
  7. The resealable sleeve can be used multiple times.
  8. The EcoPack is less costly to ship single quantity orders since they can ship at lowest cost letter/flat rate. That can only be done for packages that are somewhat flexible.
  9. The EcoPack is more flexible than a CD case. This helps prevents breakage. A CD style "Jewel" case can crack more easily during shipment of single quantity orders. If you're sending one at a time to individual customers, we recommend the EcoPack or the DVD style cases which are more flexible.

USB Packaging Art Examples