If you currently use UltraCart shopping cart, modify a few settings on UltraCart. Once you do this, you will not have to manually input customer orders into the TrepStar.com product order form.

Modify your UltraCart Settings:

  1. Login to UltraCart.com.
  2. Set Up TrepStar as a Distribution Center, and associate your items with TrepStar.

    1. Click Here which contains all the information you need to configure TrepStar as a distribution center for your products.
      1. Login to UltraCart.
      2. Click Configuration on the left column of buttons.
      3. Click Shipping link in the Checkout section.
      4. Click New Distribution Centers button.
      5. The full documentation is here.
    2. The final steps are to help you associate the item within your UltraCart account with the new TrepStar distribution center.
      1. Click Item Management on the left column of buttons (half way down).
      2. Click Items link in the Item Configuration section.
      3. Click one of your Item IDs in the first Item ID column to edit.
      4. Click the Shipping button on the button bar near the top.
      5. Scroll down to the Inventory Control and Distribution section.
      6. Check the TREPS checkbox on.
      7. Scroll to the bottom and click Save.
      8. The full documentation is here.
In Summary:

  1. Set TrepStar.com as a Distribution Center from within UltraCart.
  2. Associate your TrepStar products to use the TrepStar Distribution Center.
  3. That's it! When finished, future orders will cause UltraCart to call our server to place the order. You can login to TrepStar.com, click the "Recent Orders" button, and view orders as they come in.