DVD Duplication Services

The digital revolution ushered in an entirely new way to store and share information and to distribute entertainment. DVDs replaced the old video cassette. It is no wonder then that people what video on DVD.

DVD duplication is the process of burning content from your DVD onto high quality media. We use only the best CMC Pro Powered by TY (Taiyo Yuden) blank media. The master disc image (data) is read into a computer using commercial quality optical writers. The data is burned to the DVD-r.

It takes between 2-10 minutes to burn depending on the amount of data. For this reason, DVD duplication is quicker in the short term because there is no need to manually setup the machine to do high volume replication. Replication requires people to configure the machines and create a glass master. If you need over 500 copies, replication is a better option. Duplication, however, is perfect for low volume projects that require a quick burn time. Also, with duplication here at cd-fulfillment.com, after a project is set up, each disc costs the same to produce whether it's 1 order per day or 100 per day. And we send them to your individual customer and make them at order time.

If you sell DVDs online, our DVD duplication services at www.dvd-fulfillment.com can help you make more money and expand your customer base. We take all of the stress out of DVD duplication by handling the process every step of the way. Once you use our DVD duplication services, you will find that a substantial portion of your customers choose to pay for backup discs.

Our DVD duplication services provide your customers with discs that feature professionally designed color-printed disc surface as well as packaging with the products name and graphic displayed. You will not have to worry about the production or distribution of the DVDs, but we can work with you to create the visual image for the products if you like.

We have worked with leading distributors for several years, and we have helped companies of all sizes make money. You can set up an account with us without paying an initial fee or making a long-term commitment, so there's no reason not to try our services. Feel free to contact us at help@trepstar.com with any questions you might have.

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