DVD Duplication & Packaging

At www.dvd-fulfillment.com, we can ensure that the money you make from our dvd duplication and packaging services will be far greater than the money you spend. Through our services, your customers will receive high-quality backup materials that are professionally designed, packaged, and distributed. You can sell each DVD at a substantial profit for yourself, so even if you do not sell more than a few discs a day, you can still make money.

DVD duplication is the process of burning content from your dvd onto high quality media. We use only the best Taiyo Yuden blank media. The master disc image (data) is read into a computer using commercial quality optical writers. The data is burned to the DVD-r.

It takes between 2-10 minutes to burn depending on the amount of data. For this reason, DVD duplication is quicker in the short term because there is no need to manually setup the machine to do high volume replication. Replication requires people to configure the machines and create a glass master. If you need over 500 copies, replication is a better option. Duplication, however, is perfect for low volume projects that require a quick burn time. Also, with duplication here at cd-fulfillment.com, after a project is set up, each disc costs the same to produce whether it's 1 order per day or 100 per day. And we send them to your individual customer and make them at order time.

We handle all aspects of the packaging process, including supplying postage and actually mailing the products. When customers receive their orders, they will find the names of the DVD titles easily visible on the packaging, the discs designed with the name and graphics of the DVD title, and they will also receive an invoice.

We've made it fast and easy for you to start using our DVD duplication and packaging services. However, please contact us if you have any questions. You can send queries via email to help@cd-fulfillment.com.

TrepStar has low prices for short run on demand fulfillment and wholesale bulk copy CD / DVD / USB duplication and production.

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