Watch Video Tutorial Follow the steps below to automation ordering between and TrepStar.

You will need to be signed up for the 1ShoppingCart Professional plan. If you are using the Starter or Basic plan, 1ShoppingCart does not grant you access to the 1ShoppingCart API. This API (application program interface that allows TrepStar to access your order data) is required for the integration with TrepStar.

  1. Copy 1ShoppingCart API Keys to TrepStar
    1. Login to 1ShoppingCart, and select "My Account", then "Api Settings". If you do not see the "API Settings" choice on the drop down menu, you need to upgrade to 1ShoppingCart Professional to gain access to the API.
    2. Copy the "Current Merchant API Key" value. It will look something like 3B2EA25FBE9B4E31915F3CEDD74E8E78
    3. Login to TrepStar, and click the "Edit" button to edit your publisher settings.
    4. Scroll down to the "Shopping Cart Integration..." section and paste the API Key into the field named "Merchant API Key"
    5. Switch back to 1ShoppingCart, and copy your "Merchant ID" (usually displayed in upper right hand corner of the screen).
    6. Switch back to TrepStar and paste your "Merchant ID" into the TrepStar field named "Merchant ID"
    7. Save the TrepStar Publisher Information ("Save" button).

  2. Configure 1ShoppingCart to call TrepStar with order notifications
    1. Switch over to 1ShoppingCart, and look at the "API Settings" area.
    2. Under the API Key, look for "Notification URL". Copy and paste the following into that field:
      1. TSMode is set to the value of test in the example above. Set this to the value of prod when you are done testing. No CD/DVD/USB product will be created or mailed if the mode is test. Test mode is set this way so you can test a few orders before actually having actually make or send product.
      2. TSPub is your publisher id. Replace TrepStarPublisherID in the URL above with your actual publisher ID. i.e. TSPub=40110 . Publisher ID can be found by logging into and finding it listed there. We validate your Product IDs with your publisher ID so no one else can order products except you.
      3. TSErrEM is any email where you would like to receive notification or error emails. Replace with your email address. i.e. . It's hard to test these integrations so if errors occur, our server will send you an email that will help us all fix the problem. This field is optional, but it does help debug any early problems. Once the integration is setup and working, you can remove this parameter from the URL.

  3. Associate 1ShoppingCart Product SKU's with TrepStar Projects
    1. While in 1ShoppingCart, choose "Products" from their main menu bar.
    2. Notice the SKU number associated with each product.
    3. Copy the SKU number for a product on 1ShoppingCart.
    4. Switch over to TrepStar and edit the project that matches the product you are selling on 1ShoppingCart
    5. Scroll down to near the bottom of the TrepStar Project edit area to the "Optional Advanced Variables" section.
    6. Paste the SKU# into the "eCommerce ID String" field.
    7. Do you have more than one 1ShoppingCart SKU that is associated with a single TrepStar project? No problem: String several 1ShoppingCart SKU's together in the TrepStar 'eCommerce ID String' using < >. Example: If you had 3 1ShoppingCart SKU's 5000-A, 6000-B, and 7150 that corresponded to a single TrepStar project, set the TrepStar project 'eCommerce ID String' to <5000-A> <6000-B> <7150> Now, when a customer orders either SKU 5000-A, 6000-B, or 7150, this TrepStar product will be ordered.
    8. Do you have a single 1ShoppingCart SKU that is associated with a two or more TrepStar project? This might occur if you have a SKU that would order a primary TrepStar product, but also include a bonus CD/DVD/USB TrepStar Product. In this case, you put that 1ShoppingCart SKU in both TrepStar Projects. Add that SKU to the TrepStar 'eCommerce ID String' using < >. Example: The first TrepStar project might have the eCommerce String look like <5000-A> <6000-B> The second trepstar project might look like <4000-C> <6000-B>. In this example, if the SKU 5000-A was submitted, the first TrepStar product will be ordered. If the SKU 4000-C was submitted, only the second TrepStar product will be ordered. However, if the SKU 6000-B was submitted, BOTH TrepStar products will be ordered and placed in the same shipping box.
    9. Save the TrepStar Project.

  4. Other Details:
    1. Shipping: By default, we ship standard first class + tracking. If you want to ship priority or express (now named priority-express by USPS), your shipping methods you've set up in 1ShoppingCart must contain the word priority, or express anywhere in the description. It doesn't matter if it's upper or lower case. The only way to be sure this works is to order a few test orders using the priority or express shipping method you've set up.

You're all set!
Once you've completed the steps above, when new orders come in through 1ShoppingCart, a test order record will be made on TrepStar.

  1. Because you set to TSMode to a value of "test" in the steps above, a test record will be created in TrepStar
  2. These test orders show you the customer data, and indicate the integration is working.
  3. Click the recent orders button to see all recent orders including test orders.
  4. "test" mode orders will not cause a CD/DVD/USB to be made or shipped, nor are you billed for test orders.
  5. Test orders can not be converted into production "prod" orders. They should be deleted.
  6. When you are satisfied the integration is working, change your 1ShoppingCart Notify URL and replace TSMode=test with TSMode=prod.