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DVD product.
DVD product. Rudder Fundamentals How to Recognize and Control yaw DVD.
Price: US $14.98
Using ground school and film clips from the airplane, this video offers a unique and valuable presentation of a fundamental of airmanship: the recognition and control of yaw. In this video, you will: • Learn to recognize and control adverse, P-factor and gyroscopic yaw. • Master the Dutch Roll, the definitive stick and rudder skill. • Learn to use the technique of cross control to perform a plethora of aerial maneuvers. Approximate run time: 45 minutes
DVD product.
DVD product. Stall, Upset and Spin Recovery DVD.
Price: US $14.98
Are you anxious during slow flight and stalls because you are apprehensive about spins? Do not fear the spin. Spins are just another maneuver airplanes do. This video will help you learn to recognize and recover from spins with a discussion of: • Stall recover. • Top rudder to recover from a nose low, wing low unusual attitude. • Zero g maneuver to recover a nose high unusual attitude. • Top rudder and unload to recover a spin. Run time approximately: 29 minutes

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