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DVD product.
DVD product. Multitude of Counselors 2 DVD 2 disc set.
Price: US $14.95
Christian Symposium (Box 1) + Multitude of Counselors 2 =
5 DVD Multitude of Counselors Set
Filmed on Location in Roswell, New Mexico

The 5 DVD presentations that work best together as Most Recommended for Pastors

2 DVDs

Guy Malone - "Evidences for a Spiritual View of the UFO Phenomenon"

Bill Alnor, PhD - "UFO Cults and Extraterrestrial-Based Religious Movements"

DVD product.
DVD product. Christian Symposium Box 2 DVD 3 disc set.
Price: US $19.95
Ancient of Days Conference:
The First Christian Symposium on Aliens (Box 2)
Filmed on Location in Roswell, New Mexico

3 DVDs

Guy Malone - "ET's Message To Humanity: A False Gospel"

William Alnor, PhD - "Aliens & Demonology: A Study Throughout History and Scripture"

Mike Bennett, PhD - "Communications with Non-Terrestrial Beings: Biblical & Historical Warnings"

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